cause a lifetime of sorrow. A boundless heart is like a fireworks that scatters the earth. I am a real drama actor in a fake drama. The drama is full of elegance and endless vicissitudes. The story is always in the moment of yesterday. The past was like a dream. I engraved my promise with my name. I wrote inkstones with wind and cloud, and wrote poems without history. The dream of a fool has crossed all the yellow sand. After many years, I am already full of hair, and who is going to be old? After turning over three thousand Buddhist pagodas, I still can not understand the wind and sand before. When the wind is blowing, my fingertips will fall behind. Miss is too strong, but far away from the old tragedy and happiness. I left the tombstone blank, but I never saw the elegance of the past. Time and tide, some past, can only be waved ink. A person's life is too short, but it always takes a long time. Starry night, you are waiting for the flowers to bloom on the other shore. There is no joy in singing or singing well. As long as you are here, I am not afraid of black hair. I always make a pot of tea under a Begonia, waiting for the endless change of years. As soon as I woke up, on the left bank of my hometown, I made a warm drawing to comfort the scattered beauty. The wind blows the sand and buried a piece of words. Fate is always erroneously wrong, turning around will forget the horizon. Years of elegance, without the dust of thousands of miles, was cut off by the years. The paper and ink dried wildly, and the poems and books were desolate. I had already lost the extraordinary style of the past, and how dare I expect time to treat me as before. The same time, the old dream is one. Look back, you have to think half of your life.

The wine is willing to be crazy. If it can be white, why should it be drunk? To go and not to go, the sound of the flute continued to think of the wedding dress that year. One wound is engraved on one's mind. Time is too far away. At that time, I had a long time to read, and I knew who was smiling. In a trance dream, it is who's smile, and it goes away. I have long been physically and mentally, and I will be able to make the same change in my life. But the years have broken the trail and eroded the beauty of my life. Green silk is snowy, and it is twilight. Turn over the past reincarnation, I burn incense to sacrifice, let the green history become ash. The red line is a thousand turns, but I only wish that one. Look at the fireworks of the flourishing age. Who will do the world for me?