After June 26th, in July 15th, the high end new product of Hess IV in July 15th has created a sales boom in Shanghai Yongle's special group purchase meeting. This week, the third and fourth special group purchase meetings rekindled the Shanghai Yongle store again, and achieved a total of more than 500 sales results.

A good Office Chair should have a good lumber support to ensure the lower back is in great position when a person is sitting. Actually, a great chair should come with an adjustable lumbar support system, so that it can fit on the chair perfectly. This is critical because it helps to prevent the back from striating, in which it can case sciatica

In July 17th, Alice water net water combined with Shanghai Yongle, held Hess IV special new group purchase meeting, the scene of people surging, no seats, just two hours to get the good results of 118 sales, in the same kind of products stand out, and more innovative than before. In July 19th, AI Keli continued to force, the reunion newspaper retransmission, the sale of a rise, up to 500 sets of sales, the advantages of the product itself and the strength of the brand can not be ignored.

More than a fire, a lot of excitement, this shows that in the time the quality of Alice has captured the heart of the consumer, and the brand effect has also followed the product deeply into the heart of everyone. The group purchase meeting has not begun, and many customers have been gathered in Yongle early, and the scene is constantly attracting the crowd and the crowd inside and outside the mall. Finally, some customers can only stand to listen to the whole market. These enthusiasm from consumers must be directed at the quality of products and the brand of AI Keli.

On the spot

The short term Service apartment hongkongnot only provides you with all the basic facilities, but has kept in mind every little detail while designing the living area according to the needs of contemporary needs. The whole residence area and even every room have been designed with extreme detailing.

Hestia IV has been on the market for nearly a month, the product response in the market is very enthusiastic, several successive special group purchases have achieved good sales results. At the site, the intentional buyers came to the scene, listened to the detailed introduction of the staff and witnessed the process of water purification, and expressed their admiration for the water purification capacity and product quality of Hess IV. product marketing is always the most effective marketing in the increasingly rational consumer market.

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